4 Ways Busy Moms Can Stay Fit

4 Ways Busy Moms Can Stay Fit I TheBusyMom.com

Are you struggling with creative ways to stay fit?

Maybe it’s a busy season running after kids, changing diapers, keeping home, homeschooling, or doing homework with the kids. Or maybe you work outside of the home and can’t carve out time for a quick workout.

I think we’ve all been there, or are there. We use those moments of energy throughout the day to tackle our daily responsibilities, often leaving us exhausted even when time does arise!

Here are some tips that have proven to help me stay active, even when life doesn’t allow for a designated workout time.

Get outside with the kids

I see moms at the park hanging out on the bench just watching their kids. More often than not, they are playing on their phone or chatting with another mom. While there is nothing wrong with this, I would encourage you to get in there and play with your kids! You’ll be making some great memories with them but you’ll also get your heart rate up! Climbing up and down a play set is no easy task! Doing that for an hour or two a few times a week is a great workout in itself!

Eat well, track your food intake

While eating well doesn’t equal fit, it does equal a healthy inside. By recharging and fueling our bodies with what it needs, and by not over feeding it – we’ll make it stronger. My Fitness Pal has a great free app and desktop access. You can create a plan and log your food as you go throughout your day.

I also have a FitBit. I can track my steps, calorie’s burned, food log, and so much more! It’s a huge motivator to get outside when I see that I haven’t met my steps goal for the day.

Include the kids

Kids love play. They love competing. Have a couple of afternoons a week where you challenge each other to a workout duel. See who can do the most push-ups in one minute, then see who can do the most sit-ups in one minute, followed by who can do the most squats in a minute. Do that as many times as you can, and as long as you can keep their attention. It’s fun for the kids (and you) plus you’re secretly working out!

Get on the bike

Most kids have bikes already, but sometimes mom doesn’t. You can find really affordable bicycles at Walmart or even on Amazon. Pick one up and go for a fun bike ride with the kids!

When seasons are busy, or life simply doesn’t allow for you to pull away and go somewhere to workout, get creative and bring the workout into your life! The great part about this is that you’ll also be showing your kids that they too can have an active life, just by enjoying it!

Gyms aren’t necessary, at home workouts might not be doable every day if you can’t pull away from the kids, and home gyms may still be in the works, but with a little bit of creativity you can find ways to incorporate some great activates to get that heart rate up!

Have you found a creative way to stay active and fit, even with the kids in tow?

4 Ways Busy Moms Can Stay Fit I TheBuysMom.com


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