Finding My Happily Ever After…

Finding My Happily Ever After

Since becoming a mom, and then a homeschool mom,  I have found myself questioning myself and my decisions more than ever. One question I’ve asked myself a lot is “what happened to happily ever after?

You see, growing up all I ever wanted was to be a wife and mom. This IS my happily ever after. So where is the happy? My visions of a sweet mom, a lovely home and perfect little children went quickly down the drain when I found myself with 3 babies in 3 years. I lost my mind along with those fairy tale dreams.

But, God is so faithful to calm my heart and fill me with His peace. Happiness? Not 24/7. But, peace? Yes!

In my quest for happiness, God has reminded me time and time again that this is not my home. My human nature is to seek out what will make me happy, figure out what I’m doing wrong to not find it, and look for how I can change my circumstances.

But God is slowly changing my thought patterns. (Not quickly enough, in my opinion, mind you!) He is teaching me that there is a reason that happily ever after isn’t attainable right here and right now.

Those hard days, those moments I don’t look like the mom I want to be, those times that I am tempted to fear for the future of my children? Those moments are an invitation to ponder heaven. Those moments are the reminder that God’s grace and His future for me aren’t dependent on my behavior or that of my children. Praise Him!

Friends, don’t look around and get discouraged by what you may or may not be seeing in your own life or the lives of your children. Don’t let the enemy trick you into believing that this is the way it will always be. Let the truth of God’s Word and His grace wash afresh over you today! We are not home yet!

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18.

We have a glorious future in His presence awaiting us. He is asking us to trust Him more in the meantime. And just think, some day there will be no more potty training, no more sibling rivalry and no more dirty dishes piled up.

Let’s encourage one another while its still called today! Let’s look to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. Let’s remind ourselves – and our children – that this earth, this here and now, are not our forever home. And then…let’s live like we believe it!

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross…consider Him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.” Hebrews 12:2-3

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Candace Crabtree
I'm Candace, just a messed up mama in need of God's fresh, new mercies daily ~ moment by moment! My husband and I live in East Tennessee with our 3 children ages 12, 11 and 9yrs. In addition to spending time with my family, I enjoy reading great books, blogging, our church, worship music, playing piano, having coffee with a friend and fresh flowers on my kitchen table.
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12 Responses to Finding My Happily Ever After…

  1. I just wanted to say Thank you!! Thank you for saying the things that just are not talked about. that mom’s are going thru. I am really going thru a rough time and I need your posts every day. THANK YOU!

  2. Needed to hear this today — I’ve had three kids in 4 yrs and man is it so tough, especially with my oldest being very strong willed. I have to start every day with a new perspective and remind myself that my reward is not here. I’m still learning to do this — every day is a challenge and a day I can hopefully learn and grow and be the mom that God wants me to be.

    • Melissa, His mercies are new every morning. :) We get a fresh do-over every single morning. praise Him!! My oldest is also very strong willed…I feel your pain. Hang in there. Thanks for stopping by and chiming in!

  3. This has just confirmed what I am learning. That’s to always turn to Him now matter what. I am stubborn so this has been hard. Thanks for sharing

  4. Melanie Conway says:

    There were 2 things that really hit home with me while reading this tonight. The first is we can always have peace under any circumstance, whether we are found to have sadness or happiness in our heart. The other was the fact that we are not ‘home’ yet. The reason that these 2 points jumped out at me is because I am a mom of 3 children, but am also experiencing great grief over the loss of my husband. My children, between the ages of 8 and 12, and I miss him more than words can ever express. I know there are very few moms who can relate to me because most have their husbands to help in parenting. And yes, it is frustrating to me when I hear moms complain about ‘minor’ things….I was married at one time, and I too complained about those minor things. I have a whole new perspective that most can not understand. My children and I cannot wait to finally be ‘home’.

  5. I love hearing what you say! I love my daily devotionals from your website! You really inspire me! I believe that God has been talking through you. You have encouraged me more than you know!!

  6. CRA says:

    I love this post! Some days I have to consciously stop myself and remember that this is the good stuff. Right now, the things that frustrate me on a daily basis with my children are the things I will look back on in 20 years and wish that I had cherished. I am not home yet but while my home is here on Earth I have to remember that this IS happiness and when my earthly home is quiet one day I will long for a tantrum or to get someone another glass of milk or to break up a fight over a video game remote.

  7. Mandy says:

    Thank you for this post.I too am a Mom of a strong willed 3 year old. I work full time and often find it hard to juggle Motherhood, day to day activities, keeping a clean house,and provide a healthy meal. I pray for patience on a daily basis.

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