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Crystal Brothers

Crystal Brothers Bio PicFirst and foremost, it is always my prayer that God would be glorified in my life and actions, though I fail daily. After that, I am the blessed wife of an amazing man. He doesn’t “get” my love for blogging, writing, reading, or online fellowship, but he supports me through the craziness anyway, and I call that true love! I think I’ll hold on to him (and try to avoid those things we do to ruin a marriage). I am a homeschooling mom to two rambunctious little boys, both of whom are so special (and sometimes challenging!) in their own unique ways, and one of whom is on the spectrum.

In life and in blogging, I believe in authenticity. I have found that the best way to encourage someone else is to share our own struggles and victories, and I have plenty of both. On my blog, I share about my struggle with weight and food addiction, our family’s tight budget, and even my struggle with depression. I also write about the joys of my life aswife and mother, homemaker and child of God. Through blogging, I have realized something. Even though I write about my life, so many aspects are also your lives. And if my struggles can somehow inspire someone else, then it’s all worth it, and I give God the glory for the testimony He has given me!

I would love for you to journey along with me at Serving Joyfully as I strive to joyfully serve God and my family You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and I have a brand new account on G+ (always a learning curve with this blogging stuff!)