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A Union of Two Forgivers


It’s been said that “A good marriage is the union of two forgivers.” I couldn’t agree more. I know that my husband forgives me every day. Little things that I could’ve said better, mostly. :) It’s amazing to me how I can be the most inconsiderate to the ones I love the most.

Over the years I’ve spoken to many moms about this, and it seems it’s a common struggle. Sometimes it’s easier to be kind to the woman at WalMart than it is to our own family. After all, the woman at the store might just haul off and kick me if I’m rude to her, right?! :)

I think we easily take our most precious relationships for granted, because we feel the most comfortable with the ones with whom our relationships are the most secure.

Do you need to be forgiven? Ask for it. Do you need to forgive? Don’t put it off.

Today, let’s purpose to TELL our husbands how much we love them. Remind your husband about those qualities in him that you love and admire. Flirt with him. <3 Invite him to bed for a change. Believe me, he’ll love you for it!

It’s never too late to invest in your marriage.
It’s never too late to forgive.

And it’s never to late to be forgiven.

Do you have sore, tired feet too?

You’ve heard me talk about being *that girl,* the one who spends time and energy pouring in to her marriage, the one who chooses to pursue her husband… that one!  And we’ve been talking on the podcast lately about purposing to strengthen our marriages, and I’m making that commitment too!  This is one way that I strengthen my marriage.


My husband was actually more stoked than I was when we saw these—because he knows that it’s difficult for me to switch out of  laundry, carpool, dishes and meal mode and just focus on being together.  Massage gives us the gift of relaxation and time together to reconnect with my husband and spend time thinking about just the two of us. A simple massage with some essential oils (mixed with my favorite carrier oil) allows me to  focus on how my body feels—and for me (and many other women!) that’s 9/10 of the struggle. When I’m focusing on my body and my husband rather than my to-do list, good things happen for both of us.  But listen, maybe you’re like me and you just want to start with your feet?

{Foot rub Massage giveaway with each Melt purchase through June 19, 2016!}

When I share something, I choose it because I think it is something that will resonate with my audience.  This is that thing. 😉   And with Father’s Day coming up, I have a great idea.  Remember this podcast about creating a partnership that lasts?  I shared this at Valentine’s Day and we had such a great response, we wanted to share it with you again.  So many men are hard to buy for, but a gift that keeps on giving TO BOTH OF YOU is the perfect sort of thing our men like!  This is a brilliant way to show him how much you appreciate all he does for you and your family!


Melt is a video series that will train you HOW to do massages for each other.  It is appropriately presented (PG!) by Denis and Emma Merkas, clearly presented, easy to squeeze in just 5 minute segments, and best of all, easy to implement!  Don’t miss the Father’s Day Sale good through June 19.
 Take just a sec to see if you think it’s a good fit for the man you are celebrating this Father’s Day!  (And don’t forget, this is probably a gift that will give you something in response… after all, you and your hubby will both learn to give fabulous massages!)

Here are the details:

Check it out and tell me what you think!

~ Heidi

Dear Church: Please Stop Trying to Be Relevant.

I received a message from a woman last week who was desperate to reach her wayward son. “I don’t want to offend him,” she lamented. “I don’t want him to think I’m irrelevant because I believe the Bible.”  She went on to say she was even more confused about how to reach her son because her pastor was unwilling to address cultural issues. You know,  we need to be careful not to “push anyone away.” Her pastor’s passive stance on issues that her family is facing confused her. Her struggle deepened. After all, what good mother would push her son away with Bible verses-n-stuff? Sounds a little “yesterday,” and “churchy” in today’s progressive culture, don’t you think? But is it?

I might be all alone here, but I think our struggle for cultural relevance is robbing the Church of the one thing that actually makes us relevant.  We sure can draw a crowd with our hipster services and feel-good gospel—but tell me, how’s that working for us?

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A few days ago, I read the story of a young Christian rocker named Trey Pearson. He has joined a chorus of other Christians in embracing his “true self,” by “coming out” as gay—leaving a devastated wife and broken family in his wake. In the name of being his “authentic” self, he has embraced what God says leads to death. With acceptance from people he thinks speak for Jesus, Trey has chosen to deny God and exalt himself. Trey said this was a “defining moment” for him – a moment when he finally found himself. Like so many before him, Trey has traded God’s truth for his own.

What’s a Christian to do? It’s a little bit of a crowd-shrinker I know, but here it is:  the answer is not to run toward “our truth.” The answer is to run away from it! The answer is to run toward the Way, the Truth and the Life— toward the One who died to set us free by His truth.

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My heart truly breaks for this young man, and for all those who will follow him. It’s age old spiritual warfare—SW101, if you will: Take out the pastor and declare open season on the sheep. Satan knows if he can take out a man or woman with a platform, he’s got a clear shot at those who follow that platform. So where were the true Christians when this man with a platform was engaged in one-on-one spiritual warfare with the enemy of his soul?

They were nowhere to be found. I noticed Trey was flanked by two of his “pastors” in an image on his blog. He talked about how these “pastors” were instrumental in helping him. A true follower of Jesus would have loved Trey enough to be honest with him. Honestly? The Christian life is about denial of self (Colossians 3:5) rather than the embracing of it. If we embrace our “true selves” then look out—because literally, all hell will break lose. In our natural self, we’re lost. But nevermind that. In the name of love, at least some of the Christians around Trey have sacrificed truth on the altar of compassion.

“Love” is taking on new forms these days. Except that it’s not loving to lie.

Dear Church, please stop trying to be relevant.

I was a pastor’s wife for nearly 20 years. As such, I can promise you right now that some church leaders are scratching their heads at this article, wondering how we got here.  So let’s be honest: we blew it when we ostracized a group of people because they sin differently that we do. When I was a young Bible college student, I knew heterosexual couples who were totally sinning on the weekends—but the guy who said he struggled with same-sex attraction got the boot. What a mess we made. Unfortunately, instead of recognizing our sin and  admitting that we are all broken in different ways, we’ve fallen off the other side of the narrow path. Now, we are sacrificing truth on the altar of mercy.

In the name of being culturally relevant and often, in direct rebellion against God, many churches have turned a blind eye to the sin of abortion, covered up the sin of its pastors and priests, hailed gay marriage as “progress,” and quietly condoned assisted suicide as “brave.” Even worse, we’re silent. When did we start believing that speaking the truth in love equals silence or timidity?

“For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7

When did we forget the grace of Jesus on our own broken lives? When did we forget to talk about it? When did we stop believing it?

We may think we’re drawing people to Christ by quietly accepting this massive shift in the culture, but the evidence is clear: our silence is costing this generation dearly. Among the casualties of a “relevant” church is the inconvenient truth that, aside from rare chromosomal anomalies, our DNA is set at birth. We’re either male or female.

Bottom line? I don’t think the culture wants our wishy-washy “relevance.” They don’t need our fancy programs or big buildings. The youth of today are grappling with issues we could not have even imagined twenty years ago. They’re being bombarded by bold lies that are causing many of them to do irreparable harm to their bodies and minds. What is our answer? What do we say, Church? We say the truth—in love—and we leave the results up to God. That’s freeing, really; to know we’re not responsible for the response, we’re just responsible to bear witness to the healing grace of Jesus.  We are simply called to tell people that truth exists—and that God defines it.

This is the challenge of the Church today: to tell the truth, as it’s put forward in the Bible. To stand for righteousness. To proclaim the gospel to a generation who thought Barak Obama would bring them “hope and change.”

 Under the watch of the “relevant” church, devastating lies have taken root in the culture. The depth of deception we are facing runs deep and wide, but God’s Word tells us that the gate that opens to life is narrow. The road that leads to life is difficult. It requires that we come before the Lord daily and ask Him to help us live in His truth, not ours.

 “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” Matthew 7:13-14

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The road is narrow—but it leads to life, and not just any old, run-of-the-mill life … abundant life.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”
John 10:10

The thief is lying to us, as he has been doing since the Garden of Eden. Jesus says, “Follow Me, and I will give you LIFE!” Life that’s worth living and worth sharing. Life that’s bold and courageous. (Joshua 1:7) Life that’s rich and abundant. So no. I’m not against using the technology and music of this age to reach people with the gospel. I love the concert-worthy music many of today’s churches provide and, dare I say, I enjoy a delicous latte on my way to Sunday School. These things are good; but I have to ask: In our effort to be seen as “relevant,” have we lost the thing that makes us truly relevant? Because the thing that makes us relevant doesn’t need the trappings of modern “Christianity.”

What good is an entertaining church service that fails to entertain the questions that this generation is asking? What good is it if we can’t articulate compassion and truth in a way that clearly addresses the message of the cross? The cross is hope.

…and hope does not disappoint. Hope has a name. It’s Jesus.

The truth of the gospel has not changed. The saving power of a relationship with Jesus is all the relevance we need.

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Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another.”Ephesians 4:25

A Powerful Partnership

“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.”
Psalm 127:4


warriors (2 of 13)


This is one of my favorite verses from the book of Psalms.  I’ve learned that whenever I see imagery used in Scripture, it’s time to pay close attention. God has something very important for me to take away from that image.

warriors (10 of 13)

7 St. John arrows; six in the quiver and one in the bow

The Bible is replete with images and verses which tell us that we are engaged in a battle: a very real battle with very real consequences.  We’re in a spiritual battle. In Ephesians we read,

12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.”

The imagery here is a powerful reminder of a beautiful relationship.  God gives children to us as “arrows” in the hands of a warrior.  That makes you a warrior, busy mom!  And you’re not just a run-of-the-mill warrior, either—you are an archer.  You’re in the arrow-launching business!

I love the imagery of this sculpture.  It was made for me by the son of dear friends, and it illustrates the way we should see ourselves as parents: we’re launching our arrows for the Kingdom, aren’t we?  Notice the way this couple is engaged in battle: the husband, in front of his wife, protecting her and shielding her from enemy arrows.

His wife is not standing by passively, is she?  No—because she is part of a team with her husband; a dynamic duo, if you will, for the Kingdom!  This woman is launching her arrows out into the world under the protection and covering of her shield-weilding husband.  What a powerful image!

warriors (6 of 13)

So how do we launch our arrows?

It helps to remember three key things:

  1.  Our children have been given to us as gifts—as arrows in the hands of a warrior. It is our job to tenderly train and teach them to walk with the Lord.  Ephesians 6 – “bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.”
  2. We are in is a spiritual battle. We can’t lose sight of this fact. When we do,we forget who the real enemy is.  Our kids are not the enemy. Our husband is not the enemy.  Satan is the enemy.  And one of his prime targets is Christian families.  Gird up!  Be ready. Protect your marriage. Protect your family.
  3. A good marriage is a partnership—a dynamic duo for the Kingdom!  The goal of Christian parenting is best achieved inside this amazing partnership.  This means that nurturing our marriages is of primary importance! It’s not secondary to raising children—it’s essential to it.


Seeing or marriages in light of eternity is a vision-sharpening experience, isn’t it?

Are your ready to launch your arrows?

Gird up,

Heidi St John Guide to Romance

Hot Monogamy: 3 Ways Massage Can Ignite Passion in Your Marriage

Find out how massage can bring back or build up trust, intimacy and passion in your marriage!

 I don’t like to buy a gift just because Hallmark says I should.  That’s why I love this video series. It’s an investment in my marriage!  So what is at the top of your list this Valentine’s Day? If you answered “nothing,” or “folding laundry,” keep reading—because I get you. It’s not that we don’t love our husbands, right? It’s that we’re After a long day, intimacy is often the last thing on my mind. I just want to unwind and relax. Trouble is, my husband’s idea of relaxing and mine can look very different, IYKWIM.

Does this sound familiar? “Hot monogamy, you say? I just want to sleep!”

Statistics tell us that men and women struggle to find time for intimacy in their marriage. In fact, most married couples I speak to tell me that one of the first areas in the relationship to take a hit when the stress of life comes is physical intimacy. It’s easy to put a tender caress to the bottom of the list amidst the busyness of life—when in reality, physical touch is one of the best de-stressors we have in marriage!

Last year, I was introduced to a series of videos that I think are going to change the way my husband and I see date night. I figured I’d check them out and was so impressed, I’m sharing them with you. Let’s just say I think you’re gonna love this idea. :)

Looks good, right? Show this to your man, ladies, because I know he’ll want to give it a try after seeing this video. My husband was actually more stoked than I was—because he knows that it’s difficult for me to switch out of  laundry, carpool, dishes and meal mode and just focus on being together.  Massage gives us the gift of relaxation and time together to reconnect with my husband and spend time thinking about just the two of us. A simple massage with some essential oils (mixed with my favorite carrier oil) allows me to  focus on how my body feels—and for me (and many other women!) that’s 9/10 of the struggle. When I’m focusing on my body and my husband rather than my to-do list, good things happen for both of us.

Forget “50 Shades of Grey.” The real thing is better.
Marriage should be a passionate love affair that never gets boring.
In short, monogamy should be hot!

If you’ve “lost that loving feeling,” here’s my challenge: This February, mark a few nights off on your calendar (Valentine’s day is a great place to start, but I’m talking about a habit,  not a holiday) and make an evening of relaxing together. If you enjoy wine, put the kids to bed and take some wine and cheese to your room. Light a candle (or ten, if you’re candle-obsessed like me) turn your favorite music on, and watch these videos together. (I tell you my 5 favorite things about them at the end, so keep reading!)

Find out how massage can help you connect with your husband and re-light the fire in your marriage@

Not sure where to start? Check out MELT as you make your plans. Not gonna lie: When I told Jay I was looking into this last year, his smile said it all. We have loved using these this year!

MELT — Massage for Couples — Click Here

Build Intimacy and Trust in Your Marriage through Massage: Here’s Why It Works:

1. Massaging each other is an opportunity to slow down… together

High-speed internet. 24 hour email access. Real-time status updates. Is it just me? Or does the world seem to spin faster these days? Sitting down to a decadent massage together provides a rare opportunity to stop and be together, focused entirely on each other. For just 30 minutes, you can dim the lights, play some soft music and treat each other to a muscle-melting massage. This is a wonderful escape for multi-tasking wives and the husbands who love them.

melt: massage for couples

2. Massage in marriage is a 100% “hands-on” experience

It doesn’t take a marriage therapist to tell you that giving your spouse a massage enhances your intimate connection and builds trust in your marriage. Intimacy is a requirement for healthy relationships, but it doesn’t always come automatically. We need to make space and time to foster our intimate connections, and massaging each other is one very simple way to do that. On top of the time you spend together, you very literally have your hands on each other, helping to reinforce the intimate bond. As you start to work knots from aching muscles and your partner falls back into you, you can take that as a sign of complete trust. The entire experience is seriously incredible. And, if you are both so inclined (and I promise you, it will be hard not to be) it can lead to wonderfully intimate and steamy sex, too.

3. Massage speaks to several “love languages” at once

Treating your husband to a massage is a beautiful way to show him that he’s very much appreciated and loved. In fact it hits almost every Love Language, if you think about it. Massage very clearly speaks to the Physical Touch love language, of course. But if you think about it, it’s also Quality Time spent together, it’s an Act of Service (especially if you don’t ask for one in return!) and if you play your cards right it can make for a gorgeous gift… just package up some massage oil and a scented candle in a big bow and then go on to actually massage your husband and watch him melt with joy.

Last year, I visited my massage therapist several times, due to complications from surgery. The last time I saw her, I asked how I could teach my husband to do some of her techniques at home. “Training,” was all she said. So imagine my excitement when Denis Merkas, a Registered Massage Therapist, contacted me about the MELT: Massage for Couples video series that he did with his wife Emma.  I was really excited (and not just because I got to watch the videos, too!).

Denis shows couples that massaging properly is easier than you think!

I really do think this can lead to closer marriages, and can help to reduce stress for both of you. If you’re worried that your husband will never understand how much you need massage, ask him to watch these with you and practice what you’ve learned together. It’s a great way to bring something new and needed into our marriages and invest in our future. Even the arrangement of how you sit is no mistake – before any technique was created or routine designed, Denis and his wife researched the most romantic way to position our bodies, because the bed simply wasn’t good enough.

It’s easy, too—Denis recommends you stage your massage experience into three separate date nights… “it’s unlike anything you’ve ever done before. Simply add oil and follow along to the videos online. Use your iPad, Laptop or even SMART TV, the videos are device ready.”

Here are a few things I loved about the MELT series:

1. Denis keeps things PG-rated.

Sure, there’s romantic music and the couple is massaging each other, but clothes stay on, and the focus is on learning how to give a massage. (Yes, she’s wearing a strapless top, but that’s so you can see the proper technique on her shoulders). As Denis says, if things lead somewhere else, that’s fine–but that’s not what his video series is trying to teach you. So you don’t have to worry that this is pornographic in nature! It isn’t–it really is just about learning technique.

2. We learned that we were doing massage wrong—and how to do it right.

These videos break down our misconceptions about massage—which shows what we’re doing wrong—and how to do massage right! (hint: no thumbs allowed!) I have now become the massage favorite during movie night at our house. It’s easy!

3. The videos are short to watch together

Each video broken down into short tutorials that are under 5 minutes in length. Each focus is on learning one technique. About 6 videos form a series, and there are 3 series altogether: The Basic Strokes, the Highlights, and the Deep Tissue stuff.  The Basic Strokes Series teaches you how to actually move your hands to achieve maximum impact–and maximum ooohs and aaaahs.

You’ll watch 7 short videos and learn a new technique with each one, and then at the end there’s a 15 minute video that features a routine using all your new techniques. The Deep Tissue Series focuses on how to use your thumbs to really work out knots. It’s so helpful–and at the end is a 30 minute routine that you can use on each other.

4. Everything builds on each other.

It’s amazing! Each night you feel like you’ve learned something new, and at the end of the series, you will have confidence in your technique and understanding of how massage works.

5. They’re easy to watch together and do together.

(Translation: great date night!) You just watch one of the short ones a night and then practice on each other. Because you’re watching the technique, it’s easy to say, “I’ll go first, then you try it.” Or, to make it more enticing for him, let him massage you first. That way you can’t fall asleep because you have to massage him afterwards–so he won’t worry that if he massages you the night will be over because you’ll be in dreamland. I’ve been saying a lot on this blog that it is so important to start going to bed together at the same time so that you have opportunity to connect.

Instead of watching one more show on Netflix, or browsing Pinterest, or playing one more video game, this gives you a reason to head to bed.

You watch a video, pull out some massage oil, and then do it! And as you touch, it does help nerves to fire. If that leads to something else, woo hoo! As someone who does carry a lot of stress physically, massage is such a service to me and helps me feel closer to my husband.

So many men carry stress on their backs and necks, too, and if we can learn to release that, we can actually change the dynamic in the marriage.

I hope you’ll make this no-brainer investment in your marriage and check out MELT: Massage for Couples.

Foot rub videos free, so $171 value for $99!

 Only $99.00 until February 14th with LIFETIME video access to some incredible massage techniques.  There’s a 60 day money back guarantee, so what do you even have to lose?

Visit MELT: Massage for Couples—because, as Denis and Emma, the creators of MELT, say every couple deserves a little massage.

Click here to check out MELT

I sent these to my daughter and her husband because they have a toddler and a newborn—and as you know— “T” is for “toddler” and “tired.” :) I’m winning points like crazy this Valentine’s Day… and I’m not even counting the ones I made with my sweet man.

I dare you to try it and not have fun.  :)

Give each other a romantic back rub at home – it’s the perfect Valentine’s Date idea, dim lights, scented candles and massage oil makes for the most memorable Valentine’s Day you’ve had in a longtime!

Current special ends February 14, 2017!  Click here

Oh yeah and one more thing… these are not only great for cheap stay home date nights (works out at around $25 a date night if you split it over three nights!), they also make amazing gifts for any couple. You can buy a few gift vouchers at the promotional price now and use them whenever – they never expire! That means you can stash them for birthdays, Christmas or even wedding presents and gift them along with a beautiful massage oil and a scented candle for a unique, awesome gift that will really make an impression!



Learning to Trade: What’s Good for What’s Best

As the new calendar year and the second half of my homeschool year get underway, I’ve been thinking about what’s going well for my family and what might need to be changed. You may have heard this quote by Oswald Chambers:

In seeking the Best we soon find that our enemy is our good things, not our bad.  The things that keep us back from God’s best are not sin and imperfection, but the things that are right and good and noble from the natural standpoint…Very few of us debate with the sordid and evil and wrong, but we do debate with the good.


It’s so easy to look at other moms and think they have everything together. Their houses are always clean, their clothes are always washed (and folded, and put away!), their children always behave, and their kids’ school work always gets done and done well. But that’s not the truth!

Years ago, my husband and I built our house. Because of some unavoidable delays, our construction began in August of that year. On top of that, our contractor became very sick and wasn’t able to do his job, so the job of contracting fell to me. The months from August through December (when we moved into our house) were ridiculously busy!

We did what little school we could do during the construction of our house, but the main part of our school year happened after we moved in. That meant we did the bulk of our homeschooling from January through May that year. I somehow made it through the school year, but the following summer, everything fell apart.

I began suffering from depression and anxiety attacks.  I couldn’t sleep and was extremely tired all the time.  I think all of the stress I had been under from August to May (when I couldn’t allow myself to “break down” because I was too busy) finally caught up with me.  Even though I had finally been able to build and move into the home I’d been looking forward to for many years, I felt overwhelmed and anxious and sad. It took months and months to begin to feel like my “normal” self again.

We moms, and especially homeschooling moms, have a tendency to try to do it all!  As the quote above states, we let the business of “doing what’s good” get in the way of God’s best for us.  It’s not that we are tempted to do bad things.  We willingly avoid doing bad things.  Many times, though, we try to do too many “good” things.  I caused myself months of pain because I was trying to do too many good things.

I decided before the summer began that I was going to take the entire summer off to rest (as much as a mom can) and clear my calendar of any commitments at all.  I knew I absolutely had to have some time to slow down and not do so many things, even if they were good, so that I could get recharged before the next homeschool year began.

It turned out to be a wonderful summer.  I really did keep my commitment to only those things that HAD to be done–like grocery shopping and house cleaning.  We didn’t do lots of play dates or extra-curricular activities or much of anything else except church.  Even at church I didn’t commit to teaching any classes or planning anything.  I felt terrible about suddenly giving up most of my leadership positions, but looking back, it was the right thing to do for a time.

As the new year gets underway, I’m keeping in mind that I need to be sure doing what’s  good doesn’t get in the way of doing what’s best.

My house is not always clean, and the dishes aren’t always done.  Sometimes the school work must even wait until another day.  God is speaking to me, though, and letting me know that it’s all ok.  My main “job” right now is loving and caring for my husband and my children.

The next time you begin to feel stressed and worried and anxious, stop and ask yourself not if you are doing bad things, but if you might be doing too many good things.  Then pray and ask God to show you which good things you should lay down and which ones you should continue doing.  It may be that you are going to too many homeschool play days, activities, or classes.  It may be that you are trying to keep the house spotlessly clean.  It may be that you have too many leadership positions at church or somewhere else.  God can and will show you which things you really should be doing and which ones you really shouldn’t be doing if you will allow Him to do so.  Then, you will be in a position to receive God’s best for your family. And that’s a very good thing!

Dear Mom Who Isn’t Feeling Very Positive About Another Positive Pregnancy Test

What you are doing is worth it, precious mother!

I’lll never forget the moment when I learned I was pregnant with my fifth child. Yes. We knew how “that” happened—but this, this was not in our plans. I stared at that pregnancy test in disbelief. Surely the Lord saw where we were financially! Surely He knew how overwhelmed I felt already, how inadequate.

Another baby meant we would have to step up to the next size car and it meant people would start staring at us in Costco.  I’m ashamed to admit that I was embarrassed by my fifth pregnancy. I wasn’t thinking of the blessing—I was thinking of the burden. I was worried about what other people would think.

I wasn’t sure I had the energy for another baby—and I since I was struggling with the four children I already had, I knew for sure I didn’t have the patience. Can you relate?

It’s a good thing God’s strength is found in weakness. He met me there in my weakness, a sobbing, hormonal mess on my bedroom floor. I cried out to Him—literally—and He met me there. Just like He will meet you.

My fifth baby is now a wonderful, twelve year old blessing. God used our fifth child to teach me new things about His unfailing love and provision.  God’s ways are so counter to the culture! Embracing God’s promises brings life.

We now have seven children and two grandsons (our second grandson is due in December!) My child-bearing years are over. As I look back over those busy, busy years, my heart is filled with gratitude.  I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to have seven children under our roof at one time. I’m glad I got over being stared at in Costco. And I’m glad God’s mercies really are new every morning.

Believe God’s Word, precious mom. Your children are God’s gracious gift to you, whether you “planned” them or not.