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Candace Crabtree

photo (1)My husband David and I got married in the year 2000 and life has been a whirlwind ever since! Having 3 children in 3 years sent all of life into a chaotic tail spin that resulted in years of struggling with depression off and on. Being a mom and homeschooling have brought its share of struggles, mostly because it’s not that fairy tale ending that we all dream of at some point! Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that being a mom is THE hardest thing I would ever do??
Because no one told me (that I remember) how hard this motherhood gig is, I am passionate about being real and authentic about homeschooling, motherhood and depression on my blog.

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It is my hope and prayer that all who read will find hope and feel the comfort of our heavenly Father in a more tangible way after stopping by.
My blog {just like my life} is a little bit eclectic. You can read about our {eclectic} homeschool style, what God is teaching me, encouragement in the midst of depression, good books I’m reading, or lessons I’m learning about living a more frugal life. I hope you will join me! You can also find me blogging at the Homeschool Share blog as well as doing social media & blogging for Winter Promise Publishing.

You can read more about the journey God has me on at my personal blog His Mercy is New. You can also find me at these spots on the web: Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ & Instagram.