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If you’re new, scroll down to enjoy a sample from the Psalms!

A note from Heidi…

I don’t know about you, but it can be a challenge for me to slow my heart and mind down enough to truly process Scripture as I read it.  In 2016, I wanted do do more that simply read my Bible and mark it off my “to do” list. And, I plan on continuing to do so in 2017.

I’ve learned that taking the time to copy Scripture forces my brain to engage, comprehend and process what the Lord has written for ME in His word!  He’s written this for us—and the only way to know what in on His heart is to get into His Word.

Will you join me? It only takes about ten minutes to write it these precious verses from the Word of God. It’s time well spent.

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If you have children, choose part or all of the verse for them to write… We’ll e-mail you with printables just for this purpose! We have a specific tracing printable for each day (we’ll add the rest before you need them!) and a blank page for copywork!

Join me and commit to spending just a few minutes each day listening to God’s voice as you copy these verses out of your Bible.

Many of you who follow The Busy Mom know that I started using a journaling Bible in 2015.  I am hooked. For those of you who are interested getting one for yourself, here’s a link to my favorite journaling Bible as well as a few other things you’ll need to ensure your inks don’t bleed through the pages.

There is power in the Word of God! It is living and active. My prayer for 2016 is that we will come to know Him in a more personal way. So much is happening in the world around us—and we need to hear from God like never before.

Each page be printed out and posted, but what I really hope you’ll do is write it out.  It only takes about ten minutes to write it these precious verses from the Word of God. It’s time well spent.

Grab the booklet which is a reproduction of all 12 months from 2016 of the Scripture Writing Challenge. Printed in color and laminated for durability.

Enjoy our sample from the Psalms if you’re jumping in mid-month or if you want to see what we’re doing!

Printable Schedule At-A-Glance
Traceable Handwriting Pages
Blank Copywork Pages

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    1. Hi Bridget, we periodically clean our email list and delete addresses that haven’t opened e-mails in some time. I’ve resubscribed you, but to stay on the list in the future, be sure to open the emails. That’s lets us know you want to stay subscribed!

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