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If you’re new, scroll down to enjoy a sample from the Psalms!

A note from Heidi…

I don’t know about you, but it can be a challenge for me to slow my heart and mind down enough to truly process Scripture as I read it.  In 2016, I wanted do do more that simply read my Bible and mark it off my “to do” list. And, I plan on continuing to do so in 2017.

I’ve learned that taking the time to copy Scripture forces my brain to engage, comprehend and process what the Lord has written for ME in His word!  He’s written this for us—and the only way to know what in on His heart is to get into His Word.

Will you join me? It only takes about ten minutes to write it these precious verses from the Word of God. It’s time well spent.

(If you want to enter our challenge giveaway on Instagram, follow me there for more information and to enter! @heidistjohn )

If you have children, choose part or all of the verse for them to write… We’ll e-mail you with printables just for this purpose! We have a specific tracing printable for each day (we’ll add the rest before you need them!) and a blank page for copywork!

Join me and commit to spending just a few minutes each day listening to God’s voice as you copy these verses out of your Bible.

Many of you who follow The Busy Mom know that I started using a journaling Bible in 2015.  I am hooked. For those of you who are interested getting one for yourself, here’s a link to my favorite journaling Bible as well as a few other things you’ll need to ensure your inks don’t bleed through the pages.

There is power in the Word of God! It is living and active. My prayer for 2016 is that we will come to know Him in a more personal way. So much is happening in the world around us—and we need to hear from God like never before.

Each page be printed out and posted, but what I really hope you’ll do is write it out.  It only takes about ten minutes to write it these precious verses from the Word of God. It’s time well spent.

Grab the booklet which is a reproduction of all 12 months from 2016 of the Scripture Writing Challenge. Printed in color and laminated for durability.

Enjoy our sample from the Psalms if you’re jumping in mid-month or if you want to see what we’re doing!

Printable Schedule At-A-Glance
Traceable Handwriting Pages
Blank Copywork Pages

73 thoughts on “Scripture Writing

  1. I’ve tried several times to subscribe to the scripture writing, but it never comes up in my email for me to confirm. Please help me!

  2. I signed up and I was wondering if it’s too much to ask, but do you have any copies of the Scriptures schedules with a plain background? I’d rather not use the color ink on my printer at home.

    1. Not at this time, but it’s a thought to remember. You can most likely set your printer to print in grayscale, not requiring any color ink. That’s what we do around here when we don’t want to use it up!

  3. I signed up for the Scripture Writing email today. When should I expect my April schedule? I really love doing this Scripture writing and I pray that I will still have access to the schedule! Thank you!

  4. I started Scripture Writing this morning! Thank you so much!

    What is the best way to share this amazing 30 day plan with friends? If they sign up today, how long will it take for them to receive the information?

  5. I am not getting the scripture writing. Also, are we not going to get the whole month at once? Are we going to have to print out weekly writings? If so, can you please go back to the old format? I don’t like turning on my computer first thing in the morning to check email and go straight to my Bible. It was much more user friendly to have the entire month’s list tucked into my journal to pull out each morning. It’s also convenient for travel. I don’t have to make sure I print something off before heading out of town and having no computer access.

  6. I did not receive the email with the scripture writing. I receive your other emails and have updated my preferences, but still nothing. Do you still offer it listed on one whole page so we can just print that out? It is nice to look at. It would also be nice if it came out earlier than after the month starts, we use it in our homeschooling and I usually plan ahead and make lists before.

    1. Our program shows that it sent it to you before the invitation to the NorthEast event, so it must be hiding somewhere. I’ll send it manually in a bit, and then our weekly email for next week will be going out Wednesday or Thursday and include the month-at-a glance as well. 🙂

  7. April’s Scripture writing is not posted. March is still there. Is April going to be put up soon? I’m three days behind already.

    1. We’re offering the scripture writing via e-mail now. Subscribe for the e-mails right here on this page, and we’ll email you the month-at-a-glance and the printables each week. (All the details are right here on this page!)

  8. I understand that you want more people to subscribe to your blog but it is a bummer that we can’t just print a month at a time. I will get my scripture lists somewhere else. I don’t need anymore emails and don’t want to go to my computer first thing. And since I am just starting April I am behind for signing up. Oh well.

  9. I think I may have deleted the email with April
    scripture writing plan. I have checked my spam folder and don’t see it there either. Could you please re-sent? I am so sorry.

  10. I signed up for the scripture writing this morning. Will I still receive the April email or will I need to wait till May?
    Thanks so much1

    1. I’ll be sending it out in a bit and then we’ll send weekly e-mails that will all include the month-at-a-glance!

  11. I have not received the April scripture writing plan. I am subscribed to the e-mails and I receive news and podcasts but I haven’t received this yet.

    1. I updated your profile and checked that you’d like the scripture writing e-mails. I’ll send one out later today and our second weekly e-mail will go out in the next day or two! Thanks for joining us!

          1. Yes. I am now. Could not make link work on my phone. Had to switch to computer. Now all is well.

  12. I have tried updating my subscription preferences but I can’t figure out how to get the april scripture writing 🙁

  13. I had a hard time doing once a day writing. I did finish March 30 day challenge only 6 days behind. Some days I would write two days worth knowing I would not have time everyday. Thank you for challenging me. I am looking forward to doing more,

  14. In ready for the July. I will be I started doing this from Pinecrest in May. but I didn’t realize I was doing the ones from 2016.

  15. Melissa, not a subscriber…but I just wanted to say I’m impressed with how you handle responding on this page! I don’t know you but keep up the good work!

  16. Is there a way I could get August through May scripture writing plans? This is something I want to do with my high school girls group through the school year, but would like to have it printed up ahead of time.


  17. I want to thank you for this scripture writing. I have been doing it for a number of months, now. It has gotten me back in the Word daily and with a purpose. Thank you! It has impacted my prayer time as well.

    On another note, I was wondering if it is possible to offer the writing for kids in cursive instead of print?

  18. I love your Scripture writing, but I have eye problems. Last month’s printable was hard to read with the picture of the child covering the verses. This month was impossible to read when printed in color, and just a bit better in greyscale.

    Would it be possible to post a copy with simple black print on white background each month for those of us who are losing sight?
    Thank you

  19. Please make the entire month available (the actual pages, not the month at a glance.). I printed it and bound it all at once and don’t want to work behind. In fact, I haven’t done it since the change because it worked much better for me having it all at once. I don’t mind getting emails but can we get all the pages at once as a pdf Please?

  20. I received the September 2017 e-mail but I cannot find it anywhere! Not in my spam, deleted, or inbox folders. It’s just gone. Can you resend please?

  21. Hi. I have not received the September scriptures. I’ve checked junk mail and everything. I still may have missed it, but can you please resend?

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