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  1. Amen! My oldest son was always a quick study and was proud of all that he learned. It came easy to him. My second had the ability but not the interest or drive. I found out very quickly that he was easily overwhelmed and would fall to pieces at the site of an overwhelming set of math problems or long paragraph to read. I learned to back off and take breaks or stop altogether for the day if we had to. My husband would worry that he wasn’t reading as much as our older son at his age, etc… And I would patiently explain that I couldn’t push him or he would hate learning. We have been at this for 3 years and this year, all of a sudden his reading clicked and he doesn’t mind doing things that would have made him cry a year ago. And sometimes I will still cross out every other subtraction problem on his math worksheet just so that visually he can see that he only has to do half the work. He still learning and mastering subtraction he just isn’t doing it as much as the publisher expected. Experimenting with different curriculums and methods can be all the difference in the world too! Great post!

    1. Amy, yes! I find the publisher and my child often disagree. 😉 But as you said, finding curriculum that is a good fit also helps, as does changing methods. In the end we’re all just looking to do what’s best for our own kid, but it’s not always what best for someone else’s, right? Thanks for your input!

  2. Great article! So true! I have an 8 yr.old that I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel w/reading.Still not reading fluently but at least slowly making progress instead of just shutting down everytime she hears its time to study reading! God bless u for taking time to encourage us behind the scenes (sometimes lonely) workers.

    1. I’m so glad this encouraged you. Hang in there! Slowly making progress is still progress and even long tunnels open up on the other end eventually. Bless you for your patient and sometimes lonely work.

  3. Thank you so much for this post. I needed it today. It’s been a rough time around here in our homeschool lately. My attitude has not been the best. I love homeschooling so much, but the daily challenges are rough. Add to that an 8 year old boy who does not like Math right now and you have the makings for a difficult situation. Very good post for sure

    1. We have *all* had those rough days. (Or weeks. Sometimes months.) Keep your chin up and keep doing your best. I don’t need to remind you that the hard work is worth it, that your children will be blessed by your patience and persistence. I’m sure you already know. Hugs!

  4. Thank for including that issues should like dyslexia should be addressed. Being patient won’t change that. Also, I think seeing an eye doctor might be a good idea as well.

    1. Yes! I have a friend who recently discovered that part of her son’s reading issue was vision related. Patience is always a good virtue to have, but sometimes something more than patience is also needed. We also have to remember that if our kids need testing or help with dyslexia or dysgraphia, etc, then getting that assistance is not shameful but another way we can do the best thing for our children. Thank you.

  5. This I can verify, it is trust 100%. Our first born didn’t pick up until much later! I wasn’t homeschooled, and my parents weren’t either. They viewed my son’s progress as neglect and I was getting tired of defending as well as getting worried myself. However he finally took off and by the age of 13 he was reading at 17th grade level! He like most home schoolers blew those unknown to this type of teaching away. He’s still amazing us and those that know him. Be encouraged, you who deal with the unique and late bloomer. You may be raising a prodigy or polymath! Forget the false measures of the world that is failing or falls short, the best way is the hardest and the most rewarding. All the matters is not opinion but the the life(s) before you.

  6. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Teaching my oldest son to read was a snap. My youngest son has Down syndrome and it is a struggle. But every once in a while, something just clicks with him. Thanks for reminding me to be patient!

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